Senmotic barefoot shoes - handcrafted made in Germany - each shoe is unique

Learn everything about Senmotic barefoot shoes in one minute.

Hand-made barefoot shoes with triple service

Senmotic barefoot shoes

are made to order by hand, with full legal return and replacement rights.

Perfect support

The Demanns, therapists and developers of these healthy shoes, are always available for you.

Guaranteed quality

As the market leader for hand-made barefoot shoes from Germany, we give you a 24-month guarantee.

Experience 5 Senmotic benefits in one shoe

Top quality - made in Germany - super light, highly flexible, genuine leather, ultra slim

Exclusive hand-made barefoot shoes – since 2010

We have been making healthy shoes from fine leather at Germany’s first barefoot shoe workshop since 2010. The workshop is located near Leipzig. This is our contribution to the German economy. We even buy all our inputs from Germany – from the lace loops to the leather, even the laces. When we say 100% hand-made in Germany, we mean it!


8 colleagues produce our skillfully crafted leather barefoot shoes at the workshop. More than 80% of each shoe is made by hand. The production order only goes to the workshop after you pay the shoes at our online shop. So you’re buying barefoot shoes made exclusively for you, not off the shelf. Still, you enjoy the full legal right of withdrawal and we gladly accept your returns and will even send you a different size upon request.

Senmotic barefoot shoes promote healthy feet

  • 2.9 mm Senmotic FX10 sole
    Walk like barefoot
  • Weight of only 220 g
    Absolute featherweights, hardly noticeable.
  • A zero-drop heel is absolutely essential for barefoot shoes.
    So your feet stand completely level on the ground.
  • Toe space is just as important
    Your forefoot has room. Your toes are spread out like sunrays.
  • For a healthy foot climate inside the shoe
    No synthetic leather or mesh, but delicate genuine leather

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