Storm – our winter barefoot shoes

Senmotic barefoot shoes - Storm H1 Black/Black
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Storm F1 Black/Black

Barefoot shoes for ice and snow – the Storm winter barefoot shoe

We are one of the few manufacturers who can offer barefoot shoes for winter. Our Storm barefoot shoes kept people’s feet nice and warm even when tested in Scandinavian winter. We line our barefoot shoes completely with genuine thick lambskin. Even the insole is fully lined with soft and cuddly lambskin.


Our winter barefoot shoes have toe and heel caps made of durable and low-maintenance nubuck leather instead of suede. They also use the thicker cowhide type from our Performa barefoot shoe series. So your feet enjoy best protection, even in winter – your warm feet and your barefoot shoes make a great team! To keep the cold from creeping through the thin soles, you should always keep moving. As long as your feet keep moving and your calf muscles keep pumping warm blood, the Storm barefoot shoes keep your feet nice and warm.

But if you stand still, your blood stops circulating. This is just what happens when you wear thick boots. This is why especially women often complain of cold feet, even if they wear super-thick boots.


Our flexible barefoot shoes basically guarantee that your feet will be in motion. So your feet are already warmer than in stiff and rigid shoes. They are also very easy to care for: Nubuck leather allows you to simply wipe off salt or water stains with a moist cloth. Then fill the barefoot shoes with newspaper and let them dry at room temperature. We also recommend using a brand-name water repellent to protect your winter shoes. Like all our shoes, Storm winter barefoot shoes are also hand-made at our workshop in Leipzig.

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