Care Instructions

Senmotic shoes consist largely of fine suede. Please brush the leather up regularly (with rough fleece or a cleaning cloth). You should clean the leather completely with special foam cleaner at least every quarter year. Afterwards, spray it with impregnation spray, which is available at specialist shops. This waterproofs and moisturizes the leather. After applying the care product, brush up the leather with the rough fleece or the cleaning cloth in order to straighten the fibers again. The sole does not require special care.


The inserts are made of snug calf leather or sturdy cowhide. Both types of leather can be treated regularly with higher-quality leather care products available at retail outlets. Leather shoes in general should not be worn every single day and always require a day of rest. Since many of our customers are so amazed by the Senmotic walking experience, they completely avoid other manufacturers' shoes. Therefore, many of our customers own two or more pairs of Senmotic shoes so they can switch. Please clean and treat your Senmotic pure shoes at regular intervals. This will ensure that you can enjoy your shoes as long as possible.