Exquisite barefoot shoes of the Oxid series

Oxid F1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Oxid F1 Black/Black
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Oxid F1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Oxid F1 Black/Blue

The Oxid: A breathable, lightweight barefoot shoe with a pleasant foot climate for longer distances.

Although we are known as premium leather aficionados, we proved that we are open to change: Senmotic Barfußschuhe - Smilie Wink Finally we also offer a barefoot shoe made with mesh fabric. But we weren’t able to kick all our bad habits: The Oxid barefoot shoe is still made mostly of genuine leather. The mesh inserts on the side ventilate this barefoot shoe.


This creates a comfortable foot climate on longer walks at higher temperatures. The mesh inserts on the tongue and the heel, however, have no function and just complement the appearance. Barefoot shoes of the Oxid series let you choose from three color versions. The sporty red version of this barefoot shoe is an absolute eye-catcher. If you like it more modest, you can choose the Oxid barefoot shoe in all black. The blue versions of the Oxid barefoot shoe series are somewhere between extroverted and introverted.

The inner lining of the Oxid barefoot shoes, as always, is made of premium leather. For good ventilation, however, a matrix is used to punch holes into the inner lining on the sides before sewing on the mesh inserts. This allows air to freely circulate through the shoe, giving the mesh inserts an actual function beyond mere decoration. Our Oxid barefoot shoes are made at the workshop with the same lasts as all other Senmotic barefoot shoes. This gives these shoes the same positive qualities.


Our barefoot shoes offer plenty of space for your toes, are completely flat and become much more flexible after 3 or 4 days of wearing in. The Oxid barefoot shoe is just as easy to care for as our other models. A good full-grain leather protection spray and a brand-name water repellent are all you need. You only need a brush and shoe polish to remove heavy dirt.

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