High-tech insoles made in Germany for your feet

Microfiber absorbs foot sweat and quickly passes it out, so our insoles do not become sweaty or moist. Microfiber also absorbs odors and maintains a neutral smell. Therefore, our barefoot shoes keep a pleasant leather smell, even after being worn for a long time. Our microfiber easily complies with all EU standards and is authorized for human skin contact. This point was especially important to us. After all, barefoot shoes are often worn without socks or stockings. Our insole microfiber is antibacterial and can be wiped with a moist cloth without suffering any damage.

We source our Poron from a German company in the Black Forest. Our manufacturer in Southern Germany uses a complicated process to permanently laminate the microfiber to the Poron. A roll with our finished insole material is then delivered to our workshop. Here we punch out the insoles, sew a colored decorative seam around the heel and polish the underside of the insole, so it fits planely into the barefoot shoe.