Elegant barefoot shoes for business

Business F1 Black/Black
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Bright F1 Black/Black
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Fine F1 Black/Black
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Empire F1 Black/Black

Business F1 Brown/Brown
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Bright F1 Black/Brown
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Fine F1 Black/Brown
Senmotic business barefoot shoes - Empire F1 Black/Brown

Experience the world’s lightest business shoes

How often we see veteran captains of industry and managers forcing their feet into rock-hard and super-pointy business shoes! Business shoes which, for EUR 3,000, are supposed to be custom-made for your feet. If carrot-shaped feet and heels higher than the forefoot are requirements for social advancement, this proves one thing: How mindlessly members of the elite copy each other, just like the rest of us. Business shoes by Senmotic are a clear statement: You are not like other big-wigs, because you think from head to toe and don’t trod with herd.

In developing our business shoes, we followed three main requirements:

  1. The shoes had to be very light.
  2. Our barefoot shoes had to actually look like business shoes.
  3. These shoes had to do the best to keep your feet healthy, like all our shoes.


We fully achieved all three requirements. Our business shoes of size 42 (US size 9) weigh only 184 g. These elegant lace-ups for business outfits are the lightest barefoot shoes from our entire product range. We also found a great design solution to make these barefoot shoes look like real business shoes.

Enhancing the basic model, Bright, which features decorative seams above the vamp, the Empire is an absolute premium business shoe with English lacing. It is the only barefoot shoe worldwide with this feature. The third variant of our business shoes is the Fine, which offers a split front vamp. The outsole we use is the modest Senmotic 2.9 mm CR-15 sole, made of Lifoprene TPU. Of course, like all our barefoot shoes, our business shoes have all ingredients for perfect foot fitness:


  • Natural freedom for your toes
  • Zero-drop 2.9 mm sole
  • Flexible throughout the length of the shoe

Our business shoes are made of delicate and elegant Black Angus leather and very dark, mocha-colored Brown Angus leather. The leather is very thin and has a very soft sheen. The lining is also made of leather. The insole is also made of our proven 1.6 mm microfiber/Poron insock material. All our business models come with beige lining by default, of course made mostly by hand at our workshop. No matter which model you choose: Senmotic business shoes guarantee an elegant outfit at all times while doing the best to keep your feet healthy. The right (business) shoe for all wo_men of the world!

barefoot shoes by Senmotic