Evolution-series barefoot shoes

Evolution F1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution F1 Black/Blue
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution F1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution F1 Black/Black

Evolution H1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution H1 Black/Black
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution H1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Evolution H1 Black/Blue

The minimalist Evolution barefoot shoe, made of delicate leather

Leather barefoot shoes of the Evolution series offer a minimized design. The Evolution is a delicate and modest barefoot shoe made of soft calfskin. These barefoot shoes look tremendous with jeans. Customers also like to wear the black/black version with slacks to the office or advertising agency. Like all our hand-made barefoot shoes, they are extremely lightweight (220 g). You hardly feel that you are wearing these leather shoes.


Barefoot shoes lend entirely new dimensions to your feet and legs’ natural agility and sensitivity. They also strengthen your feet, leg and back muscles. Your back is a primary contributor to your walking motions – provided you are walking without shoes or in barefoot shoes. This series lets you choose between two different model ranges. In addition, we offer you the three standard colors, black/black, black/blue and black/red.

Different seam colors and laces give each shoe individual character. The flat F1 models of the Evolution series feature leather lining and are ideal for late spring and for chilly summers. The woolen lining of the higher H1 models makes them ideal barefoot shoes for muddy, mean weather; they are also great city shoes for winter.


Shoes of this series are ordered most often from our shop. The most frequently ordered barefoot shoe from this series is the Evolution F1 black/black, the test winner. This napa leather barefoot shoe is also regularly for sale. So check back once in a while. The Evolution with blue laces and seams goes best with light-colored or beige pants. These black/red barefoot shoes are very sporty and go great with jeans. This also applies to our high H1 models, of course.

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