How do I return a parcel?

First of all: You aren’t allowed to just send back a parcel. Surprise, huh? According to the new German product return law (in force since 13 June 2014), you must first explicitly state your intention to withdraw from the contract. The easiest way is by e-mail. You are only allowed to send back the barefoot shoes after this notification; for example, simply refusing to accept a parcel is no longer automatically considered a withdrawal.


Returns within Germany are very easy. Each parcel (inside the smallest box, in case of multiple boxes) contains a return sticker. This sticker lies on top of the shoes and the wrapping paper. The nonsensical heading “Produktionsbasierte Abrechnung” (“production-based invoice”) indicates that the parcel service Deutsche Post/DHL is, err…. was a government body.

The sticker already contains our address. It only takes you three steps to return the delivery:

1. Enter the sender on the top left corner of the return sticker.

2. Stick the return sticker on the parcel.

3. Drop off the parcel at the post office of your choice.

Returns within Germany are free of charge, in any case. The sticker does not work for international returns. Here you need to pay the return shipping fees. As soon as we receive the parcel, we send you an e-mail, so you’re always up to date.

Please cover the bar code of the original delivery with the return sticker or black it out with a black felt marker. Otherwise the scanner freaks out (then the mail service does, and then it gets back to us).

How do I trade my barefoot shoes for a bigger size?

Simple: Grab your parcel, drive to Leipzig, ring our door and hand us your barefoot shoes. Then drive back home (much faster without a box) and wait for the new size.

But seriously – it’s much easier: Write us an e-mail that you need a different size. We immediately tell our workshop to produce a pair. You can send us back the new barefoot shows within 14 days of this notification.