Smart bonding with high-tech glue

Before we can use it to bond soles to the shafts of our barefoot shoes, the glue must be heated very precisely to a certain temperature. It bonds immediately with the material and emerging odors dissipate quickly. The glue stays elastic and resistant to extreme temperatures and heavy wear. These qualities are essential to our barefoot shoes, since they must endure far more motion than shoes with stiff soles. The glue must resist every movement and stay elastic from -30°C to +50°C without turning brittle. After all, the glue must keep our shoes together even after years of wear.


As the innovation leader for hand-made barefoot shoes from Germany, we were the first (and for many years the only) company who could replace worn-out soles. Our in-house technology allowed us to reliquify glue at very high temperatures, to remove the old outsole and glue new soles to barefoot shoes. As so often, admirers have begun cloning our services by now.


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