Senmotic running shoes – functional running

Rapido F1
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Rapido F1 Black/White/Red
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Rapido F1 Black/Green/Blue
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Rapido F1 Black/Orange/Yellow

Tension F1
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Tension F1 Black/Orange/Yellow
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Tension F1 Black/White/Red
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Tension F1 Black/Green/Blue

Senmotic functional running shoes – running shoes for a natural running style

Senmotic running shoes are the racing cars among our barefoot shoes. For our running shoes, we specially developed the FZR-10 sole. Of course with zero drop and toe space. And of course razor-thin, at only 2.9 mm. The profile is the main difference to other Senmotic barefoot shoes. It is much coarser and offers more grip. The profile was also designed asymmetrically against the running direction. Really important for running on muddy surfaces in spring and fall.


The running shoes are designed to match our previous model range, but look far more sporty. The front cap is made of suede and much smaller than in other models, and the laces are also longer. So these running shoes have a long, slim and very dynamic appearance.


We offer our running shoes as two model series, which are constructed differently. The Rapido is a purist barefoot shoe and was developed specially for runners with barefoot shoe experience. For runners whose muscles are already adapted to a natural running style and move correctly from an anatomical and physiological point of view.

For people switching from cushioned shoes to barefoot shoes, runners who want to switch to forefoot running and runners who often run on hard city surfaces, we offer the Tension running shoe.


The Tension has a lightweight, 1 mm minimal cushion made of thin foam in the forefoot section. This better absorbs impacts and allows tendons, ligaments and muscles to adapt to the new running style. The Tension is the ideal barefoot running shoe for starting out. Hardcore runners, of course, choose the Rapido right away.


Knowing that running shoes suffer more wear, we offer to replace your soles, as for all our other models. So you don’t have to buy new running shoes right away, because with a little care, the leather of our running shoes lasts several years. We offer both running shoe models in three color combinations:

  • Black/green/blue
  • Black/white/orange
  • Black/orange/yellow

The sporty decorative seams on the sides of our Senmotic running shoes are neon-colored and reflect car headlights at night. This makes you visible to drivers in the dark.

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