Tension F1 Black/Green/Blue

Senmotic barefoot shoes - super light, super thin and hand made
Senmotic running barefoot shoes - Tension F1 Black/Green/Blue

The Tension running shoe with minimal shock protection. The shock protection is only 1 mm thick and is only under the forefoot. The ideal running shoe for runners switching to running shoes, who don’t want to go cold turkey right away. This running shoe is especially good for hard surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. The 2.9 mm FZR-10 sole offers good grip, and we can replace it. Hand-made running shoes from Germany.

Upper material: Snug calfskin suede

Inner material: Soft pork leather

Insock: 1.6 mm Poron with antibacterial microfiber

Sole: 2.9 mm Senmotic-FZR10 Sohle® aus Lifoprene PU

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Tension F1 Black/Green/Blue
Senmotic barefoot shoe. zero-drop heel and toe space. 2.9 mm Senmotic FX10® Sole. Genuine Leather.
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