Platinum – our premium barefoot shoe

Platinum F1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Platinum F1 Black/Blue
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Platinum F1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Platinum F1 Black/Black

Exquisite Platinum-series barefoot shoes

We currently offer barefoot shoes of the Platinum series in three different colors as flat F1 models. High-top H1 models are already in the making. The Platinum is nothing like our other barefoot shoes. It has different and longer laces and features many details and precision manufacturing. It is probably one of the most elegant barefoot shoes you can wear.

The new lacing makes this shoe even more comfortable and adjustable to your foot shape. Although the Platinum appears nearly as slim as a conventional shoe, it offers the same toe space as our other barefoot shoes. Of course the Platinum barefoot shoe also has zero drop and feels light as a feather.

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