Barefoot shoes of the Revolution series

Revolution F1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution F1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution F1 Black/Blue
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution F1 Black/Black

Revolution H1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution H1 Black/Black
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution H1 Black/Red
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Revolution H1 Black/Blue

Barefoot shoes at our shop: The revolution series with beige leather lining

Unlike many of our other model series, which have a black lining, the Revolution models have a beige leather lining. These barefoot shoes are a popular customer choice. A cool mix of suede and delicate calfskin with a two-stripe design gives this barefoot shoe a sporty touch. These shoes are great for casual purposes and equally popular among men and women.


The ergonomic shape of the Revolution series barefoot shoes makes wearing them a true relief. Our shop offers two model versions: Flat-top F1 models with premium leather lining. High-top H1 models with lightweight woolen lining for the cold season. No matter if you choose the high or flat version: All our barefoot shoes have the same qualities, because we use the same lasts to manufacture them at our workshop.

Our lasts are custom-made to suit anatomic and therapeutic requirements. They have the following characteristics: No heel, ideal zero-drop angle, like when standing barefoot, natural, ray-shaped toe pronation.


The Revolution models have a different design than the Evolution models. The Revolution barefoot shoes with two stripes on the side look more sporty and dynamic. Of course, red laces and seams make this barefoot shoe appear much more sporty than the all-black version. The blue version is our best-kept secret: People who like colors on their feet, but don’t want too much attention, choose this combination. Our shop keeps the Revolution barefoot shoes on stock; they are also regularly on sale.

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