Ruthenium barefoot shoes with hook-and-loop fastener

Ruthenium F1
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Ruthenium F1 Black/Black
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Ruthenium F1 Black/Camel
Senmotic barefoot shoes - Ruthenium F1 Black/White

Ruthenium barefoot shoes – sporty, elegant shoes with hook-and-loop fastener

Barefoot shoes of the Ruthenium series are hand-made designer products. Barefoot shoes, exclusive, yet comfy and suitable for daily use, with an exciting combination of laces and hook-and-loop fasteners. These shoes are sporty, but also appear very elegant. We offer Ruthenium barefoot shoes in three different colors. (We don’t actually color our shoes, but use colored decorative seams on the sides.) The black/camel version offers the perfect match between outer color and beige lining. The black/white version provides a strong contrast, without seeming obtrusive. The black/black version of these barefoot shoes looks more modest.

Compared to our Classic models, these premium models have a smaller suede toe cap. This gives them a slimmer look, just like the barefoot shoes of the Evolution series. Still these models offer the same toe space and comfortable walking experience as all Senmotic barefoot shoes, because we use the same lasts to manufacture all of our shoes. We make the shafts from delicate, high-grade napa leather combined with suede. We also use beige leather for the lining. The insole is made of our special 1.6 mm Poron/microfiber material. This model is available with beige lining only.

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